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We organize tours and safaris to several destinations within Rwanda. The company offers well thought out and organized safari packages. The traveler is under the guidance of a tour consultant who can tailor a package that suits his or her budget and travel dates.

Economic Responsibility

There is a community walk commonly known as Iby’Iwacu Cultural walk done by a guided community member, to visit different sites within the community. The tour offers an unusual and unforgettable insight into the everyday lives of the village communities and Travellers of which a minimum of US$ 20 is expected as a tip to support the ex-poachers.

Our Suggested Economic Project

There is an enterprise development project which includes the local making of art and craft pieces, community tourism (native dance) and individual business startups as a source of income

Environmental responsibility

Travellers are emailed a detailed Itinerary (program) to their Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) showing the day to day activity, hours for each day and we use one Tour vehicle (Rideshare) for pick up and drop off to a destination to reduce the number of cars emitting carbon. Through Rwanda Green Society, the tree planting project to offset the carbon emitted by flights to Rwanda. Any donation done towards tree planting, you are constantly updated on its status and accountability.

Our Suggested Environment Project

There is a conservation project which is called goats for gorillas in which the travellers/ visits pay $25 -$40, which is used to purchase goats used as a source of income for the native ex-poachers to support their families

Social responsibility

As a Tour Operator who connects travellers to local communities, we provide them with detailed pre-trip information on the local visit, through the Iby’Iwacu Cultural walk done by a guided community member, to visit different sites within the community. Ex-poachers have a cultural dance performed every morning that travellers get involved in to showcase the love and harmony, Woman do basket weaving which is taught to travellers as a way of social interaction and preparing local food, the process involved as a cultural norm and practice to maintain peace and unity.

Our Suggested Social Project

There is a livelihood change project which includes clean water provision, Health Advice to the natives.


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