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We started off as a solely travel car hire and guiding agency, because of this we understood transport needs in the tourism industry more than anyone else. We own a fleet of tour cars that are maintained in top mechanical conditions, customized for tours and fitted with the necessary amenities. Below are pictures of our travel car hire available in different sizes and all with full time 4-wheel drive, contact us for choice and pricing.

Side view of Costa Bus


Is so comfortable with 28 seaters which are good for a large group and family tour full service for a comfortable safari while in Uganda National Parks.

Side view of Safari Min Vans


Is so comfortable with 8 seaters which are good for family tours full serviced for comfortable safari, with a Pop-up for easy viewing during your Game Drive.

Back view of Land Cruiser Entrance of Land Cruiser Interior seats of Land Cruiser Front view of Land Cruiser


Is a 4WD vehicle optimized for your comfort and safety with full installed a/c, 7 seaters, with a Pop-up for easy viewing during your Game Drive in the park.


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