Long Safaris

Our Simba Africa Expeditions long safaris range from 5 days bespoke safaris onwards which include primate tracking, wildlife adventure, Cultural tours, and birding safaris to mention but a few, operational in countries Uganda and Rwanda.

5 Days Primates Trekking Rwanda

Primates Rwanda safari is so amazing as it will offer you an enriching adventure of this beautiful country’s Primate population. The country is home to endangered mountain Gorillas and 13 primates. This safari features a Gorilla tracking adventure, chimpanzee tracking excursion, excellent birding and cultural tours.…

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5 days Visit Rwanda

At Simba Africa Expeditions we tailor-make your visit to Rwanda one of a memorable adventure in the Country of a thousand Hills, you will spot even more varieties of beautiful sceneries, Visit Akagera park, local communities, gorilla trekking and iby-iwacu cultural village, visit orphanage home, and brief Kigali city tour…

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Pied Kingfisher

6 days Bird Watching

To be able to take on these 6 days bird safari trips to Rwanda, you will be entitled to a full-on Bird watching and primates adventure from both the Volcanoes National Park to Nyungwe Forest National Park. Here you will be able to see most of the 13 primates species found in Rwanda including the Mountain Gorillas, the beautiful…

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7 days Rural Tour Rwanda

Rural Tour to Rwanda is one of those countries in East Africa where you can have a full-on experience within the rural areas because there is so much to see and learn about the Rwandan culture and history. Here at Simba Africa Expeditions, we are here to ensure you get the best of the Rural tour to Rwanda as much as possible…

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Cultural dance

9 days Cultural Tour Rwanda

Just like any other East African country, Rwanda has its own reach cultures that have been there for centuries and are worth learning as well as knowing about. This cultural tour will take you through to Akagera National park for a number of activities, both the game drive and boat ride, you will have a Village visit…

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12 days Discover Rwanda

Rwanda has one of the fast-growing capital cities in Africa to discover, so doing 12 days discover Rwanda safari will be something to look forward to. You will start with the visit to one of the genocide memorials and later on, in the safari, you will go to Akagera National park and then head to Nyungwe National Park…

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